Each of our lunchtime and after school music programs have been customized for children . The programs take place once per week, they are fun and incorporate contemporary pop and rock songs to keep the children interested in learning their instrument. We also offer private in-home lessons, please contact us for details.


beginner guitar program

  • Introduction to playing notes and chords
  • Strumming techniques and rhythm studies
  • Learning to play pop songs on the guitar

glee club vocal lessons

pop vocal and dance program

  • For kids that love to sing and perform
  • We focus on pitch, breathing, performing techniques
  • Students learn age appropriate pop songs


beginner drumming program

  • High energy fun program learn basics of drumming
  • Students will learn stick techniques and basic rhythms and grooves
  • Each student receives a set of drumsticks


beginner ukulele program

  • Students learn to play notes and chords
  • Develop strumming techniques
  • Teach kids to play songs

dance club program

hip hop dance program

  • For boys and girls that love to dance and perform
  • Students will learn both modern and hip hop styles of dance
  • Students will learn a variety of skills for each style as well as some fun sequences


beginner piano program

  • Learn to play and read notes on the piano keyboard
  • Introduce proper finger techniques and learn to play age appropriate pop songs
  • Piano keyboards are supplied for the lessons